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Bihar - April, 1947

Date Place Significant Event(s) Noteworthy Letter(s)/Interview (s) CWMG Details
April, 1947        
13-Apr-47 Patna Put up at Dr. Syed Mahmud's Letter to Vallabhbhai Patel from train; expressing concern over the difference in approach between himself and Patel.

Wrote to Viceroy on train.
CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 267 - 277
14-Apr-47 Patna Had talk with Muslim League members.
Addressed prayer meeting.
Telegraphed to Viceroy that Congress
President should also sign Joint Appeal, but left decision to Viceroy.

Letter to Manilal Gandhi
CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 277 - 284
15-Apr-47 Patna Had talk with Syed Zafar Imam and Bihar Ministers; Addressed prayer meetings;

Appeal signed by MKG and Jinnah issued in
Delhi in which communal violence was deprecated and communities were requested to live in peace.
  CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 284 - 289
16-Apr-47 Patna     CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 290 - 293
17-Apr-47 Patna Maharaja of Darbhanga and landholders
called in.
Had talks with representatives of Jamiat-ul-Ulema
  CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 293 - 300
18-Apr-47 Patna Discussion with land-holders, peasants and
labour association. Talk with Muslim students.
Met Anil Roy and Lila Roy
Letter to Jawaharlal Nehru CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 300 - 308
19-Apr-47 Patna Attended A.I.S.A
Talking to ministers explained ideal conduct
for Ministers and Governors in independent India.
Letter to Jivanji D. Desai CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 308 - 314
20-Apr-47 Patna Addressed workers of Hindustani Talimi
Sangh and A.I.V.I.A.
Letter to Amrit Kaur CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 315 - 319
21-Apr-47 Patna Attended workers of A.I.S.A. and Hindustani Talimi Sangh Letter to Sarladevi A. Sarabhai; urging
her to take an interest in khadi
CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 320 - 326
22-Apr-47 Patna Met Khadi workers;
Attended Hindustani Talimi Sangh
  CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 326 - 336
23-Apr-47 Patna Attended A.I.S.A and Hindustani Talimi
Sangh. Talked to Peace Committee Members
Jinnah called on Viceroy
Communal Riots broke out in Calcutta
  CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 337 - 346
24-Apr-47 Patna Addressed meeting at Sadakat Ashram
Had talk with Houlton; Met Bihar Ministers.
Letter to Vallabhbhai Patel from train;informing him of his Delhi trip. CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 346 - 354
25-Apr-47 Patna     CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 354 - 359
26-Apr-47 Patna Attended Jamiat-e-Islam
Viceroy called on Viceroy
Letter to Sushila Gandhi CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 360 - 368
27-Apr-47 Patna Had talk with Muslim women. Met I.N.A.
  CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 368 - 375
28-Apr-47 Patna Gave advice to students in writing.   CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 375 - 381
29-Apr-47 Patna Formed Peace Committee Letter to Manilal and Sushila Gandhi; CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 381 - 390
30-Apr-47 Patna Left Patna at 8 a.m. for Delhi.   CWMG Vol. LXXXVII, pp. 391