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Kheda - March 1918

Date Place Significant Event(s) Noteworthy Letter(s)/Interview (s) CWMG Details
1-Mar-18 Ahmedabad Workers' advisers pledged to feed and
clothe strikers in need.
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 227 - 230
2-Mar-18 Ahmedabad     CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 230 - 232
3-Mar-18 Ahmedabad   Letter to Manilal Gandhi CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 232 - 235
4-Mar-18 Ahmedabad Bihar and Orissa Legislative Council passed
Champaran Agrarian Bill
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 235 - 237
5-Mar-18 Ahmedabad     CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 237 - 239
6-Mar-18 Ahmedabad   Letter to Millie Graham Polak, about general situation in Kheda as well as strike. CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 239 - 241
7-Mar-18 Ahmedabad Negotiations with Strikers; Discussions
(Ansuyabehn's) regarding strike;

Wrote to Collector of Kaira about ana-vari
(Anna-vari is percentage expressed in annas of a rupee)
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 242 - 244
8-Mar-18 Ahmedabad     CWMG Vol XIV, p. 245
9-Mar-18 Ahmedabad      
10-Mar-18 Ahmedabad Presided over annual meeting of Gujarat
Wrote to Collector compalining that coersion was used to extract confession about satisfactory yield.
  CWMG Vol XIV, p. 245
11-Mar-18 Nadiad Saw collector in connection with Kaira
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 246 - 247
12-Mar-18 Ahmedabad Lock-out at mills lifted; strike by
mill-workers started
Received Mrs. Besant at station
Letter to Ambalal Sarabhai,
explaining his position in the strike.
CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 247 - 250
13-Mar-18 Ahmedabad Joined procession of Mrs. Besant ; Presided
over a lecture by Mrs. Besant on 'National Education' . Presided over reception in honour of Mrs. Besant. 
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 250 - 253
14-Mar-18 Ahmedabad Mill-workers' reproachful remark about their plight brought to Gandhiji's knowledge.    
15-Mar-18 Ahmedabad Announced to millhands; "As long as your
wages are not raised by 35%, I shall not eat not sit in a motor car."
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 253 - 257
16-Mar-18 Ahmedabad Fast continued; Discussion with
Anandshankar Dhruv; Addressed millhands.
Letter to Governor of Bombay;
Appealed  for postponement of land revenue recovery.
CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 258 - 259
17-Mar-18 Ahmedabad Appealed to Bombay Governor for
postponement of land revenue recovery.

Fast continued
Letter to Ambalal Sarabhai,
requesting him to come to a just decision.
CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 259 - 265
18-Mar-18 Ahmedabad Attended meeting of millhands when
Commissioner was present. ; Announced terms of settlement and broke fast.
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 265 - 269
19-Mar-18 Ahmedabad Joined procession of millhands; In leaflet
No. 17, last of the series, MKG gave implications of settlement.
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 269 - 273
20-Mar-18 Ahmedabad,
21-Mar-18 Ahmedabad,
Presided over meeting of Gujarat Sabha;
launching of Satyagraha in Kaira decided on; Presided over lecture by C.F. Andrews on 'Indians in Fiji'

Following Governor's rejection of plea for postponement of land revenue recovery, MKG sent ultimatum to Pratt
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 273 - 274
22-Mar-18 Nadiad Inaugrating Kheda Satyagraha , addressed 5,000 peasants in nadiad.

Advised them not to pay land revenues if crop was less than 25 percent (-4 annas)

Left for Delhi in response to Andrews' telegram.
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 275 - 279
23-Mar-18 Ahmedabad      
24-Mar-18 Delhi      
25-Mar-18 Delhi Called on Viceroy. Met Private Secretary
regarding release of Ali brothers.
Letter to Private Secretary to Viceroy; Regarding release of Ali Brothers. CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 280 - 281
26-Mar-18 On way to
27-Mar-18 Nadiad Made statement regarding his fast about
strike of millhands in Ahmedabad.
Wrote to Press on his recent fast.
Issued circular on Kheda situation.
CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 281 - 287
28-Mar-18 Nadiad,
  Issued statement to Press on Kheda situation. CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 288 - 292
29-Mar-18 Indore Delivered presidential address at Hindi
Sahitya Sammelan at Indore.
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 292 - 297
30-Mar-18 Indore     CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 298 - 300
31-Mar-18 Indore     CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 300 - 301