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Kheda - April 1918

Date Place Significant Event(s) Noteworthy Letter(s)/Interview (s) CWMG Details
1-Apr-18 Nadiad,
Commenced Kheda tour; Reached Kathlal.
At public meeting in Kathana characterised Government's attitude as unjust.
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 302 - 303
2-Apr-18 Ahmedabad and
Matar, Limbasi
At Limbasi appealed to people not to be
scared of Government's oppresive measures.
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 303 - 305
3-Apr-18 Nadiad      
4-Apr-18 Nadiad,
Addressed meeting in Karamsad;
Rajendra Prasad and Qureshi were among those present
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 306 - 308
5-Apr-18 Nadiad,
Vathal Kaira
Addressed meeting in Vadthal-Kaira; Asked
people to bear hardships courageously unmindful of consequences.
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 310 - 312
6-Apr-18 Nadiad,
Addressed meeting in Utarsanda of 2000
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 312 - 314
7-Apr-18 Nadiad,
Addressed meeting in Torna-Navagam of
over 3000 agriculturists.
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 315 - 316
8-Apr-18 Nadiad-Vasad,
Addressed meeting in Borsad   CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 316 - 319
9-Apr-18 Nadiad     CWMG Vol XIV, p. 319 - 320
10-Apr-18 Nadiad, Sinhud-
Aklacha, Ahmedabad
Addressed meeting in Sinhuj-Aklacha   CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 320 - 328
11-Apr-18 Nadiad, Vadod
    CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 328 - 330
12-Apr-18 Nadiad Insisted upon people to attend
Commissioner's meeting, who spoke ambiguously.
Later on MKG addressed to clear misunderstanding created by Commissioner's speech
Letter to Patrick Geddes, Director, Bombay School of Economics; replied to issues of vernacular raised by former

Letter to Devads Gandhi, explaining hi stand in the strike
CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 331 - 338
13-Apr-18 Bombay Saw Revenue Member Sir Carmichael,
Dubole (? Du Boley) and Chandavarkar regarding Kaira affairs; Delivered lecture on Kaira affairs; Presided over by Vithalbhai Patel.
14-Apr-18 Nadiad     CWMG Vol XIV, p. 338
15-Apr-18 Nadiad Wrote to Government about Kaira
Satyagraha; Issued instructions to volunteers. 
Wrote to The Bombay Chronicle
dispelling misconceptions created by Commissioner's speech.
CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 338 - 341
16-Apr-18 Dantali, Ode-Chikhodra Spoke at Od on need to be united in fight
against Government.
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 341 - 344
17-Apr-18 Nadiad Refused Commissioner's allegations;
preface to 'Antyaj Stotra'  by Amritlal Sundarji Padhiar
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 344 - 357
18-Apr-18 Ras-
Addressed agriculturists' meetings.   CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 357 - 359
19-Apr-18 Nadiad     CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 359 - 360
20-Apr-18 Kasor, Ajarapura,
Samarkha, Ahmedabad
Addressed meetings of peasants   CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 360 - 362
21-Apr-18 Ahmedabad,
22-Apr-18 Palaj Public meeting; Spoke to cultivators   CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 362 - 367
23-Apr-18 Bombay Attended meeting of Beggar-nuisance
Committee; Spoke of Kaira Satyagraha; Presided over by Vithalbhai Patel; Tilak moved resolution demanding either immediate suspension of land revenue recovery or impartial inquiry into peasants' grievances.
Wrote to Kasturba: "…….To be a
 mother to Maganlal…. It is Maganlal, if anyone, who has so trained himself that he can carry on my work after me."

Letter to Maganlal Gandhi, encouraging him to peaceful tackle his anxieties.
CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 367 - 371
24-Apr-18 Bombay Bombay Government issued Press
statement on Kheda trouble
25-Apr-18 On way to
Orders issued to Mamlatdars in Northern Division not to recover land revenue from those unable to pay.

Viceroy opened War Conference in Delhi.
26-Apr-18 Delhi Viceroy invited MKG to participate in War
Conference; Felt no sense in attending it, and wrote to Viceroy accordingly; Had discussion with him; Attended the conference reluctantly; and left it because Mrs Besant, Tilak, Ali Brothers etc. were not invited.
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 371 - 373
27-Apr-18 Delhi Long discussion with Viceroy; Took part in
Recruiting Committee

Tilak declined invitation to join War Conference.
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 373 - 374
28-Apr-18 Delhi     CWMG Vol XIV, p. 375
29-Apr-18 Delhi Speaking at War Conference assured full
co-operation; Drafted letter to Viceroy requesting him to make amends by inviting to Provincial War Conferences leaders who were not invited to his conference.
 Drafted letter to Viceroy requesting him to make amends by inviting to Provincial War Conferences leaders who were not invited to his conference. CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 376 - 380
30-Apr-18 Delhi Sent letter to Viceroy Wrote to Maffey, Private Secretary to
Viceroy, offering his services as per his declaration at War Conference.

Letter to Rabindranath Tagore sent with CFA; enquired about plans for travel and health
CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 380 - 385