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Kheda - May 1918

Date Place Significant Event(s) Noteworthy Letter(s)/Interview (s) CWMG Details
1-May-18 Delhi   Letter to Harilal Gandhi; expressed disappointment CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 385
2-May-18 Nadiad      
3-May-18 Bombay Called on Mrs. Besant ; Attended meeting of
Congress Committee
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 386 - 387
4-May-18 Bombay      
5-May-18 Bijapur Attended 18th Provincial Conference,
presided over by Vithalbhai Patel
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 386 - 387
6-May-18 Bijapur Spoke at Conference against new system of
Indentured Labour; Left
Issued statement in reply to Bombay Government's Press note on Kheda situation. CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 387 - 394
7-May-18 Bombay      
8-May-18 Nadiad      
9-May-18 Ahmedabad   Letter to Mahadev Desai, clearing his position on sending MD to Champaran. CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 393 - 394
10-May-18 Ahmedabad-
11-May-18 Nadiad-
    CWMG Vol XIV, p. 394
12-May-18 Ahmedabad-
    CWMG Vol XIV, p. 395
13-May-18 Dhandakuwa Spoke on Kaira Satyagraha   CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 395 - 396
14-May-18 Kathalal      
15-May-18 Ahmedabad Attended meeting of Gujarat Sabha    CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 396 - 398
16-May-18 Nadiad-
    CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 399 - 401
17-May-18 Ahmedabad     CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 401 - 402
18-May-18 On way to
  Informed Maffey that he was actively preparing for recruitment campaign.
CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 402 - 403
19-May-18 Patna      
20-May-18 Motihari      
21-May-18 Motihari      
22-May-18 Bhitarwah-
23-May-18 Motihari   Letter to C.F. Andrews, discussing W.W. Pearson's case. CWMG Vol XIV, p. 403
24-May-18 Motihari,
Spoke at public meeting on non-violence..    
25-May-18 On way to
    CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 403 - 406
26-May-18 On way to
27-May-18 Baroda, Nadiad,
Spoke on Khandhali on significance of
  CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 406 - 408
28-May-18 Nadiad      
29-May-18 Nadiad      
30-May-18 Ahmedabad     CWMG Vol XIV, pp. 408 - 410
31-May-18 Ahmedabad