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Gandhi Smriti Darshan Samiti

Connection with Gandhiji 
Gandhi Smriti is at the old Birla House where Gandhiji stayed for the last 144 days of his epic life. Gandhiji held daily evening prayers on the ground of this house where he was assassinated on January 30, 1948.

Gandhi Darshan is adjacent to Gandhiji’s memorial at Rajghat where he was cremated on January 31, 1948.

Valmiki Temple, just near the slums of Delhi’s municipal sweepers, was the place of Gandhiji’s choice when he stayed at Delhi many times during 1946-1947. But he could not stay there when he came to Delhi on September 9, 1947, due to communal violence and refugee camps at the Valmiki Colony ground. Hee stayed at Birla House.

Details of Gandhiji’s stay
Gandhiji reached Delhi on September 9, 1947, and stayed at Birla House along with his aides.
• He started conducted evening prayers on the ground of Birla House. The prayer was followed by his address to the gathering.
• Many dignitaries visited him on his birthday on October 2, 1947. He also received scores of telegrams. Responding to them, he asked, ‘Would it not be more appropriate to say condolences?’ He said that there was nothing but the agony in his heart.
• On his birthday according to Vikram Samvat Calendar, on October 11, Gandhiji observed fast. A purse from the Gujaratis of Delhi was gifted to him.
• Gandhiji visited several relief camps in and around Delhi during this period.
• Deeply disturbed by communal riots, he started fast for an indefinite period from January 12, 1948, to establish communal harmony. He said, ‘No man if he is pure, has anything more precious to give than his life. I hope and pray that purity in me to justify the step.’

• He broke his fast on January 18 after securing a guarantee of peace from the leaders of all communities.
• An attempt on his life was made during a prayer meeting on January 20, 1948, by throwing a bomb. The next day Gandhiji said in the prayer meeting that he had told the Inspector General not to harass the bomb thrower. He told the gathering not to be angry with the accused as ‘he did not know that he was doing anything wrong.’
• Gandhiji’s body fell to the assassin’s bullets while he was going for an evening prayer meeting on January 30, 1948.

Cremation at Raj Ghat
• The procession joined by lakhs of the people, moving forward inch by inch reached the Raj Ghat cremation ground by the side of River Jumna where the arrangements were made for Gandhiji’s cremation. By 6 o'clock in the evening, his remains were completely reduced to ashes. Later on, a black marble platform was built on the cremation site as a memorial. - Description by his Secretary Pyarelal

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Additional Details 
1. Gandhiji’s speeches at daily prayer meetings from September 10, 1947, to January 29, 1948, were compiled and published as ‘Delhi Diary’.
2. An intimate record of the last 30 days of Gandhiji’s life by his grandniece and close associate Manubehn Gandhi.