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Alfred High School, Rajkot

Connection with Gandhiji 
Gandhiji entered Alfred High School when he was 11 and studied there for seven years till Matriculation.

Founded in 1853 as Rajkot English School, it was the first high school in the Saurashtra region. The High School got affiliation with Bombay University in 1866 as a full-fledged high school and named ‘Kathiawad High School’. After Prince Alfred visited India in 1869-1870, Nawab of Junagadh donated Rs. 1 lakh for the new building of the high school. It was named ‘Alfred High School’ in 1871 to keep the memory of the Prince’s visit. (Saurashtrano Itihas, 1807-1948, S.V. Jani, Sarshak Itihas Nidhi, 2003)

Gandhiji at Alfred High School 
• Gandhiji cleared the entrance exam and went to study in Alfred High School on December 1, 1880. He was admitted to the first standard of English. i.e. Fifth standard.
• Gandhiji passed his Matriculation exam (Eleventh standard) in 1887.
• Gandhiji was in Seventh standard when Dorabji Edulji Gimi was appointed as principal of the High School in1882. Gimi remained principal of the High School till 1896.
• The incident of Gandhiji not following the clue from the teacher to copy the spelling of ‘kettle’ from a fellow student during the inspection happened at Alfred High School.
• There is an entire chapter in Gandhiji’s autobiography titled ‘At the high school’. It narrates many incidents involving his time at Alfred High School. It includes corporal punishment, an accusation of lying, bad handwriting, and his brush with Sanskrit.
• Gandhiji passed his Matriculation exam in December 1887 and left Alfred High School to join Samaldas College at Bhavnagar.
• When Gandhiji decided to go to England to become a barrister, a farewell function was arranged in Alfred High School on August 9, 1888. Gandhiji attended the function. He also attended a farewell party at Rajkot given by fellow students of Alfred High School on July 4, 1888.

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