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South Africa
No.  Year Month Date  Place Reason
1 1893 May 31 Pietermaritzburg Was thrown off the first class carriage of the train.
    June 2 Pardekoph, Transvaal Attacked by the leader of the stage coach.
2 1897 January 13 Durban Attacked by a mob as he disembarked at the harbour.
3 1908 February  10 Johannesburg Attacked by Mir Alam and others as he proceded for voluntary registration.
    March 5 Durban Attempted attack at a meeting.
4 1914 March 27 or 28 Johannesburg Attempted attack at a meeting, averted by Mir Alam.
1 1920 May 22 Ahmedabad An unsigned letter of 22nd to Gandhiji stated that Government had planned collision of train in which he was to travel.
2 1921 January 11 Ahmedabad Received a letter threatening murder.
3 1934 April 25 Jashidi-Patna Sanatanists lead by Lalnath attacked with lathis and stones.
    June 25 Pune A bomb thrown near Municipal office at Gandhiji.
    July 11 Karachi A visitor came with an axe which was taken away by police.
    July 31 (!)  Benaras Manilal Sharma came with a 'Warrant' to 'arrest' Gandhiji under 'orders' of Baba Kalbhairav; the 'order' was that Gandhiji should be arrested but if he did not submit his photo should be punished.
4 1940 February 27 Srirampur-Calcutta At Srirampur a shoe was hurled at Gandhiji which struck Mahadev Desai.
5 1944 September  8 Sevagram A dagger recovered from the leader of a group of Hindus protesting against Gandhji's
meeting with Mohmmed Ali Jinnah. 
6 1946 June  30 Karjat (while going
 from Bombay to Pune)
An attempt to derail the train between Neral and Karjat stations.
    October  28 Aligarh Stones thrown at Gandhiji's compartments.
7 1947 July 31 while going from
Delhi to Rawalpindi
Attempt at Phillaur Station to overthrow train carrying Gandhiji by bomb.
    August 31 Calcutta Attacked by Hindus with Lathis and bricks.
8 1948 January 14 Delhi Hearing cries 'Let Gandhi die we will have revenge by blood for blood' Jawaharlal rushed out
and challenged ' Who says let Gandhi die? Come, first kill me.'
    January 20 Delhi A bomb exploded during prayer meeting.
    January 30 Delhi Was shot by Nathuram Vinayak Godse while on his way to evening prayer ground at Birla House. Received three bullets on his chest died with the words 'Hey Ram'.