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Inhabiting India - September, 1915

Date Place Significant Incident Interviews/Letters
September   - -
1-Sep Ahmedabad - -
2-Sep Ahmedabad - -
3-Sep Ahmedabad - -
4-Sep Ahmedabad Spoke in meeting at Premabhai Hall to celebrate 91st birthday of Dadabhai Naoroji -
5-Sep Ahmedabad - -
6-Sep Ahmedabad - -
7-Sep Ahmedabad - -
8-Sep Ahmedabad - -
9-Sep Ahmedabad - -
10-Sep Ahmedabad - -
11-Sep Ahmedabad Admitted to the the Ashrama Dadabhai Malji Dafda (Harijan). Much heart burning; Some gave up evening meal; MKG also did likewise. -
12-Sep Ahmedabad - -
13-Sep Ahmedabad - -
14-Sep Ahmedabad - Letter to V.S. Srinivasa Sastri
15-Sep Ahmedabad - -
16-Sep Ahmedabad - Letter to Narandas Gandhi
17-Sep Ahmedabad - -
18-Sep Ahmedabad - -
19-Sep Ahmedabad - -
20-Sep Bombay Arrived to receive Andrews and Pearson; Inspected Harijan localities. -
21-Sep Ahmedabad Andrews and Pearson arrived at Ahemdabad; Also left the same day/CWMG says they left for Fiji islands on Sep-23 -
22-Sep Ahmedabad - -
23-Sep Ahmedabad - Letter to V.S. Srinivasa Sastri, wrote that he might have to live apart from Kasturba in Dhed quarters as a result of admitting an untouchable family in Satyagraha Ashram.
24-Sep Ahmedabad - -
25-Sep Ahmedabad - -
26-Sep Ahmedabad Dudabhai, a Dhed, and his wife joined Satyagraha Ashram Letter to Maganlal Gandhi
Letter to A.H. West, stating that Indian Opinion should be kept up at any cost.
27-Sep Ahmedabad Kaka Kalelkar came to see MKG -
28-Sep Ahmedabad - -
29-Sep Ahmedabad - -
30-Sep Bombay Attended meeting of trustees of South African Struggle Fund -