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Tributes to Gandhiji

  • Clement Attlee

    Prime Minister

    A divinely inspired saint I know that I am expressing the views of the British people in offering to his fellow-countrymen our deep sympathy in the loss of their greatest citizen. Mahatma Gandhi, as he was known in India, was one of the outstanding figures in the world today, but he seemed to belong to a different period of history.

    Living a life of extreme asceticism, he was revered as a divinely inspired saint by millions of his fellow-countrymen. His influence extended beyond the range of his co-religionists.

    For a quarter of a century this one man has been the major factor in every consideration of the Indian problem. He had become the expression of the aspirations of the Indian people for independence, but he was not just a nationalist. His most distinctive doctrine was that of non-violence. He believed in a method of passive resistance to those forces which he considered wrong. The sincerity and devotion with which he pursued his objectives are beyond all doubt.

    The hand of the murderer has struck him down and a voice which pleaded for peace and brotherhood has been silenced, but I am certain that his spirit will continue to animate his fellow-countrymen and will plead for peace and concord.