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Magan Sangrahalaya, Maganwadi, Wardha

Connection with Gandhiji 
Gandhiji inaugurated Magan Sangrahalaya and Udyog Bhavan, the museum of rural technology at Wardha in 1938. He hoped it would be ‘a living book for self-education and study’.

The All India Congress Committee authorized J.C. Kumarappa ‘to form under the aegis of the Congress and as part of its activities, an autonomous organization under the advice and guidance of Gandhiji called All-India Village Industries Association…’ in 1934.

In a letter to Shankerlal Banker dated December 6, 1934, Gandhiji wrote, ‘the idea to have the [Maganlal Gandhi’s] Memorial opened here…was the suggestion made by Jamanalalji. There should be a hall in which all the processes from picking cotton to ginning would be on the view. The idea would be also to have the office of Village Industries Association there … ’

The All-India Village Industries Association was formed at Wardha on December 14, 1934, with Shrikrishnadas Jajooji as the president and treasurer and J.C.Kumarappa as the Organiser and Secretary.

Gandhiji’s New Headquarter at Wardha
Wardha became Gandhiji’s new headquarter as he had pledged not to return to Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati Ashram till the swaraj was not attained. Gandhiji listed several factors for his choice of Wardha. One reason being ‘Sheth Janmalal Bajaj was most anxious that the land which he had contemplated as a donation for Maganlal Gandhi Memorial should be taken up by the All-India Village Industries Association.’

Inauguration by Gandhiji
Gandhiji inaugurated the Memorial and addressed a large gathering that also included over 30 economists who had come to take part in the Economic Conference being held at Nagpur.

Gandhiji paid rich tribute to his close aide late Maganlal Gandhi and told the gathering, ‘I admit that in terms of orthodox and stereotyped standard of economics…village industries including spinning have perhaps no chance, and to revive them might appear liker reversion to Middle Ages. But I would like you to enter the Udyog Bhavan with a fresh and unsophisticated mind that has shed its prejudices…’

He concluded the speech by saying ‘I would like you to regard the Magan Museum and the Udyog Bhavan not as the ‘old curiosity shop’ but as a living book for self-education and study.’(December 30, 1938)

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