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गांधीजी को श्रद्धांजलि

पीछे जाओ
  • M. Fernand Van Langenhove

    He will still be a noble symbol A tragic event dominates our thoughts. We have met today under the spell of emotion which has gone through the world at the death of Mr. Gandhi.

    Mr. Gandhi gave to the world a great lesson. Few people have shown such absolute devotion to the generous ideas to which he had vowed himself. On many occasions he offered the sacrifice of his life so that these ideas might triumph.

    From the distance he appeared to us to be already above this world as a great symbol. He represented in the highest degree and in its most noble aspect the spirit of the independence of his people.

    The death of Gandhi will not end his beneficial work. Gone from this world, he will still be the noble symbol which he was in life.