Kaba Gandhi No Delo, Rajkot

Connection with Gandhiji 
It was Gandhiji’s primary family home from 1876 to 1915.

Some Important Details of Stay
• Gandhiji’s father Karamchand, known as Kaba Gandhi, moved from Porbandar state to Rajkot state as a member of the Rajasthanik Court. The family shifted from Porbandar to Rajkot in November 1876 when Gandhiji was 7. Gandhiji stayed at Rajkot till he was 18.
• Gandhiji was deeply moved by reading a drama on Shravan’s devotion to his parents. Another major influence on Gandhiji as a child was that of the drama of Harishchandra. It inspired him to travel the path of truth. These influences were during his stay at Rajkot.
• Gandhiji married Kasturbai Kapadia of Porbandar in 1883. Their married life began at their family home at Rajkot.
• The incidents of meat-eating, smoking, stealing and atonement narrated by Gandhiji in his autobiography took place at Rajkot.
• Gandhiji’s father died at the family home of Rajkot in 1885.
• After matriculation, Gandhiji secured admission to Samaldas College at Bhavnagar and went to stay at Bhavnagar in January 1888.
• Gandhiji went back to Rajkot in April 1888 after it was decided to send him to England. He took the pledge of staying away from wine, woman, and meat in presence of a Jain monk Becharji Swami.
• Gandhiji was declared an outcaste by his caste people at Rajkot for his decision to go abroad.
• Gandhiji left Rajkot for Mumbai on August 10, 1888. His voyage for London started from Mumbai on September 4, 1888.
• Gandhiji’s mother died on June 12, 1891, at Rajkot when Gandhiji was in London.
• Gandhiji returned from London as a Barrister in July 1891. He underwent the process of (purification) mechanically as per his elder brother’s wish. Gandhiji reached Rajkot on July 10, 1891.
• From July 1891 to April 1893, Gandhiji lived at his family home in Rajkot. He tried to set his practice in Mumbai from April to September 1882. But returned to Rajkot in September 1882.
• Gandhiji left for Mumbai and from there to South Africa in April 1893. He came to India in between and stayed at Rajkot's home during July-August-September 1896 and January-July 1902.
• Gandhiji returned from South Africa on January 9, 1915. He reached his family home at Rajkot on January 17 and stayed till January 21. His next visit was from January 27 to 31.
• Gandhiji started Kochrab Ashram at Ahmedabad in May 1915. It became his new home. He was 46 at that time.


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